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We believe that companies can be financially successful, environmentally sensitive and socially responsible.

Commercial markets are now at an important juncture in history: Without new perspectives and insights, the future for international and local economies, markets and multinational enterprises are increasingly forbidding.

Innovation and truly sustainable business practices represent the potential for private enterprise to develop profitable business models that conserve natural resources, serve the needs of the poor and respect local customs and cultures.

The transformation toward global sustainability will mean the creation of trillions of dollars in products, services and technologies that barely exist today. Whereas yesterday’s businesses were often oblivious to their negative impacts, and today’s responsible businesses strive to reduce their impacts, tomorrow’s businesses will learn to make a positive contribution. Increasingly, companies will be selling solutions to the world’s social and

environmental problems, and doing so in a way that respects diversity and

cultural differences. Envisioning tomorrow’s businesses, therefore, requires

that we gain a fuller appreciation of a complex set of global interdependencies. The global economy is really composed of three different, overlapping economies:

  1. Bullet  The Money Economy — Comprises both the developed economies and emerging economies. Roughly 2 billion people participate in the money economy,with less than half of those living in the wealthy countries of the developed world.

  1. Bullet  The Traditional Economy — The village-based way of life found in the rural parts of most developing countries. It is made up of roughly 4 billion people two-thirds of the world’s population.

  1. Bullet  The Natural Economy — Consists of the natural systems and resources that support the money and the traditional economies. The money and traditional economies are embedded in nature’s economy because the former could not exist without the latter.

a new eye on global markets

"Invest time in languages and intercultural awareness. Focus on becoming part of global citizenry. In exchange for the opportunity to participate everywhere/anywhere in the world you have the obligation to do something productive, which will improve the world.”

C.K. Prahalad

i2 - Innovation Intelligence is a private, emerging market innovation consultancy with locations in North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Near East. We provide services that enable organizations, international companies, and governments to accelerate sustainable businesses through innovation, while managing strategic risks.